6 Reasons a HVAC Service Agreement Is Worth Your Consideration

Published on: March 3, 2014

Why are homeowners getting more serious about HVAC service agreements? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Actually, if you want to keep your HVAC equipment in top working order, you should have the cooling and heating systems maintained annually by a professional. An HVAC service agreement allows you to arrange for these visits in advance by paying an annual fee.

Why It’s Smart to Have an Agreement

Here are six reasons why that annual fee for a service agreement is worth your consideration:

  • Slowing the electric meter: Even without changing anything about the way you heat and cool your home, HVAC maintenance can provide energy savings. This is possible because the technician lubricates moving parts, clears away dust, changes the air filter, and otherwise tunes the system to support greater energy efficiency.
  • Attending to small problems: A fraying belt is easy to replace, but if ignored, the belt could break and damage other parts of the system. This is just one example of how attending to small problems can prevent big problems from developing later.
  • Getting more from your equipment: If you never change the oil in your car or have small malfunctions looked at, your car will never make it to 100,000 miles. The same is true of HVAC equipment. Take good care of it and it will last years longer.
  • Staying comfortable: Regular maintenance is a proven way to restore lost capacity and ensure your comfort when outdoor temperatures soar or plummet.
  • Enjoying special treatment: Customers who sign up for HVAC service agreements often receive priority service over non-agreement holders. That means if you have an emergency, you can expect immediate attention from a qualified professional.
  • Saving money on services: When you compare the cost of an HVAC service agreement with the cost of scheduling annual maintenance without an agreement in place, it’s common for the HVAC service agreement to cost less. In addition, with the potential to receive discounts on parts and labor, you end up actually SAVING money by signing up.

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits? Contact us today to learn about HVAC service agreements offered by our contractors in your part of the Southeast United States.