Bake at Night to Save on Cooling Costs

Published on: July 28, 2014
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Knowing when and how to use your air conditioner is key to realizing cost savings during a hot summer. While you may have mastered basic air conditioner operation, you might not have thought of how simple activities in your kitchen can also drive up bills. When it comes to creating energy savings during the cooling season, consider turning off your oven during the day and baking at night instead.

Bake Wisely to Save on Cooling Costs

It’s no surprise that using your oven to bake makes your home warmer. When you use your oven during the afternoon, you’re increasing the temperature inside your home at the hottest point in the day. This means that your air conditioner will need to work harder to keep your home cool. Instead of baking during the day, wait until it’s cooled down outside to turn on your oven. The temperature in your home will still rise, but it will be offset by the decrease in temperature outside.

Enjoying Summertime Energy Savings

Knowing when is the best time to use your oven is only the first step in realizing great energy savings. You can have a home energy audit conducted by a skilled AC contractor to determine if air leaks are causing an increase in electricity bills. You can also:

  • Avoid using your washer and dryer in the middle of the day.
  • Set the temperature in your kitchen slightly higher than in other areas of the home.
  • Use a smart thermostat to create cooling programs.

A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to realizing energy savings. To learn more about getting the most out of your air conditioner, just find a HVAC contractor in your neighborhood by using our search tool today!