Why Your AC Keeps Tripping the Breaker

Published on: August 7, 2014
Worker changing out air filter | AC Southeast®

There can be several possible reasons for a tripped breaker, but when your AC breaker keeps tripping, you may need to enlist professional AC service to be sure that the issue isn’t serious. A tripped breaker may be due to damage in the breaker or in an appliance. An excessive draw of current can overload the circuit, causing it to trip so that the appliance and the home are protected. In the case of a tripped AC breaker, the issue often involves overheating of the equipment.

Why Would My AC Overheat?

An overworked system can overload the breaker. This may occur on an extremely hot day due to the need for more intensive cooling activity. In fact, many air conditioning repair issues occur at times of extreme heat. However, an overload can also occur due to damage within your equipment or poor maintenance. A loose wire could be a problem. If you live in a rural community, you could even have a problem with rodents chewing through system wiring. Take time to check some of the following issues before you decide that professional AC service is needed:

  • Air handler – look at your filter to be sure that it isn’t excessively dirty. Check the evaporator coils as well. Dirty conditions in either case could restrict airflow, resulting in extra work and stress for your air conditioner.
  • Condenser – if you haven’t had recent system maintenance, consider spraying your condenser coils to remove dirt that could impede the release of heat from the refrigerant lines.
  • Air temperature – as your system operates, note whether the air seems cold or not. A low refrigerant level could put strain on your system without providing adequate cooling, resulting in overworking that could stress the system and possibly trip the breaker.

Dealing with the Problem

If you’ve corrected obvious issues like a dirty filter and taken time to spray your condenser coils but still have persistent breaker problems, it is wise to schedule prompt professional AC service with a contractor through AirConditioningSoutheast.com. Our professionals can provide efficient AC troubleshooting to pinpoint problems right away.