Try Troubleshooting Gas Furnace Problems Before Calling in a Pro

Published on: October 30, 2014
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Your gas furnace represents a considerable expense to you, and it has the responsibility of keeping you comfortable for a long time. Maintenance of these units is handled by a professional trained in this field and you. Troubleshooting gas furnace problems can assist in saving money on services calls, hopefully avoiding replacement of something that, when caught earlier, only requires a repair.

Troubleshooting Gas Furnace Problems

All checks assume the electrical power is on and fuel lines are attached and fully opened.

  • ISSUE: If the furnace is putting out no heat at all, the problem could be the thermostat. It may be set improperly or not working at all. The pilot light could be out or electronic ignition is faulty.
    FIX: Reset the thermostat, relight the pilot or call for an ignition system test and repair.
  • ISSUE: If your home’s furnace isn’t producing enough heat, dirty air filters or gas burners could be to blame. Obstructed air within the system could resemble the same symptom.
    FIX: Replacing the air filter every 90 days will assist in this matter. The gas burner will require an HVAC professional to clean and adjust them as needed.
  • ISSUE: Is the furnace turning on and off more frequently than it should? Dirty air filters could be the cause and, again, it could be a malfunctioning or dirty thermostat. The motor shafts might need lubrication and or the belts could be too loose.
    FIX: Ensuring the contacts on a non-electronic thermostat are clean and replacing the air filter will help. Call a service technician if you suspect it may need motor lubrication or a problem with loose belts.

Troubleshooting gas furnace problems is just a start. For more information about your home’s heating system, or for other home comfort concerns, contact AirConditioningSouthEast.com to locate a professional company in your neighborhood. We’ve been helping homeowners stay comfortable year-round for many years.