Advanced Features That Heat Pump Owners May Appreciate

Published on: November 11, 2014
Technician checking HVAC unit | AC Southeast®

Heat pumps are the ideal way to heat and cool homes in the southeastern region of the U.S., especially when they’re equipped with these heat pump features that can improve energy efficiency, comfort and versatility.

Compressor Options

The compressor inside a heat pump works year-round, sending refrigerant into the indoor air handler’s evaporator coil to either heat your home or remove it during the cooling cycle. Two viable options for our climate include either a dual-speed compressor or a scroll compressor.

  • A dual-speed compressor runs on two different speeds based on the amount of conditioning your home needs. Except when the weather is exceptionally cold or hot, it’ll run on its lower speed, which lowers energy consumption and reduces noise. These compressors also work well if you have a zoned HVAC system.
  • A scroll compressor achieves energy efficiency by using a different means of refrigerant compression. In the heating cycle, it can deliver considerably warmer air and this type also tends to last longer.

Air Handler Options

Choosing a variable-speed motor for the air handler increases comfort while offsetting energy consumption. These blower motors run only on high when the heating or cooling load is extreme. Most of the time they run on a low speed, reducing the noise level and distributing the conditioned air evenly throughout your home.


Desuperheaters are one of the better heat pump features for our mild climate because we have such a long cooling season. The heat pump creates a lot of waste heat that it releases outdoors. A desuperheater takes that waste heat and transfers it to the water heater to minimize water heating costs. These devices can also heat swimming pools and hot tubs.

Backup Heating

You can equip the heat pump with a backup combustion burner that uses natural gas or propane to warm your home when temperatures dip into the low 30s and below, instead of relying solely on the electric resistance coil, standard with most heat pumps.

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