Ductless System Advantages Florida Homeowners Can Enjoy

Published on: December 29, 2014
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If you are like many Florida homeowners, you try to take advantage of energy savings when and where you can while maintaining a nice level of home comfort. These aren’t always easy goals to meet, unless you are installing a ductless system for your home-improvement project. Here’s why.

Several Installation Options

Conventional heat pump and A/C systems use ductwork to circulate the air, both to your rooms and back to the central HVAC unit. Ductless systems, in contrast, bring the air-handling unit (AHU) directly to the living spaces for point-of-use cooling and heating. This design allows the AHU and outdoor unit to be smaller, which accommodates many installation options.

A flexible conduit containing the lines for power and refrigerant helps give ductless systems flexibility for installation and design. The conduit may extend more than 100 feet to connect the indoor AHU(s) and the outdoor unit, allowing you install them in strategic areas for better aesthetics, efficiency or both.

No Ductwork Required

Ductless systems are perfect for supplemental heating and cooling for a single room, a larger family room or multiple rooms in the home. In fact, since there is no need to extend or run new air ducts, you can install ductless mini- or multi-split systems just about anywhere. And, you won’t lose any usable living space or suffer energy losses commonly associated with ducts – especially poorly-designed ductwork.

Design Flexibility

Most ductless system installations simply mount the indoor AHU cabinet high or low on the wall, or mounted to the ceiling or floor. While the cabinet of ductless systems is low-profile, some homeowners may need other design options. A qualified ductless installer can offer several installation options to serve the interior design of your home or new plans.

The AHU may actually be concealed in cavities above the ceiling, behind walls or under floors. The only component of the concealed installation option is the supply outlet, which installs flush to the surface like a conventional system.

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