What Does It Mean When a Furnace Has Greenspeed Intelligence?

Published on: December 7, 2014
Infinity 9859mn7 Furnace with Greenspeed | AC Southeast®

Greenspeed Intelligence is the Carrier® Corporation’s contribution to keeping HVAC technology on the cutting edge. Smart systems are all around today and your heating and cooling system shouldn’t be an exception. The days of one-speed, on/off furnaces and air conditioners are gone with lower standards for energy efficiency and comfort. Heating accounts for more than one-quarter of all the energy your home will consume this year. Carrier®’s Greenspeed Intelligence furnace continuously monitors the household environment and adjusts furnace response to the changing demands of the heating load. Energy use is optimized, operating costs reduced and comfort level enhanced. Here’s how Greenspeed Intelligence enhances your lifestyle with a smarter system:

Adaptable Output

Conventional gas furnaces have two heat outputs: 0 percent and 100 percent. The furnace is either running at full blast or it’s off completely. The reality is, most of the time the home’s heating load doesn’t require 100 percent output. This seesaw operation wastes energy, increases utility costs and causes indoor temperatures to flip-flop between too high and too low.

Carrier®’s adaptable speed system monitors the home’s heat load and adjusts the furnace burner output to meet it precisely. Since 100 percent output is rarely required, most of the time the furnace runs at a reduced level down to 40 percent output. The system will operate at a higher output to warm a chilly house in the a.m., then automatically shifts to lower energy-saving mode to maintain that temperature consistently, usually within one degree of the thermostat setting at all times.

High-Efficiency Blowers

Older, low-tech furnace blowers and inducers are on/off models capable of only one speed. They use lots of electricity, are noisy and don’t adjust to changing comfort needs in the home. The high-efficiency blower and inducer fan in Greenspeed furnaces are programmable and run continuously at variable speeds to meet the heating load. In addition to cutting electricity consumption, this eliminates the temperature swings of on/off models and produces quieter operation.

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