3 Big Advantages for Those Who Opt for Radiant Home Heating

Published on: January 8, 2015
Family enjoying floor | AC Southeast®

When you consider heating options for your home, several systems tend to dominate the conversation: traditional or condensing furnaces, air-source heat pumps and hybrid heat pump systems among them. But homeowners should also take the time to consider radiant floor heating, as the advantages of radiant heating may win you over.

Advantages of Radiant Heating

  1. Radiant heating has less energy loss than central forced-air systems. In a forced-air system, air can be lost through leaky ductwork, and heat can be lost through uninsulated duct walls. This means that up to 30 percent of the heating energy in an average home doesn’t make it to the living areas. With radiant heating, the heat is circulating through the floors underfoot, resulting in a more reliable delivery of warmth to your rooms.
  2. Odd-shaped rooms are better served by radiant heating. Whether vents are awkwardly placed near furniture or around corners in rooms, air circulation from a forced-air system doesn’t always serve a room well. And in rooms with high ceilings, warm air can rise out of the living space and cause the furnace to work harder to keep up. With radiant floor heating, the heating throughout the room is even, and the heat remains lower down.
  3. Radiant heating reduces the perception of cold. Even when the air temperature is warm, chilly floors can make you feel colder, especially if you spend any time barefoot or in socks or slippers. With radiant floor heating, you’ll feel warmer even when the thermostat is set a little lower, because it’s not just the air temperature you’ll be feeling.

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