Don’t Accidentally Void Your HVAC Warranty

Published on: May 21, 2015
HVAC | AC Southeast®

When you purchase new heating and cooling equipment, you have the option to take advantage of an HVAC warranty as well. This provides additional protection against malfunctioning equipment and will certainly save you money if you have to replace or repair a bad part. Be sure you do the following to ensure your HVAC warranty remains valid for the agreement’s entire duration.

  • Register the warranty: Many companies require registration to put the warranty into effect. This verifies information such as the purchase date and installation company. You usually have a limited time to register the warranty, so make it a priority.
  • Ensure a quality installation: The manufacturer can’t control how your equipment is installed, but they can rely on the skills of a licensed HVAC contractor. That’s why it’s vital that you have new air conditioning and heating system installed by a reputable company with all the proper licensing and certifications. If you don’t, the manufacturer likely won’t honor the warranty if something goes wrong.
  • Buy replacement parts from the manufacturer: The HVAC equipment manufacturer can’t guarantee the quality of another company’s products. Even though it may be cheaper upfront to buy an off-brand, stick with replacement parts from the manufacturer to keep your HVAC warranty valid.
  • Schedule annual preventative maintenance: Remember, a warranty is different from a preventative maintenance agreement. In fact, without regular maintenance, you may accidentally void your HVAC warranty. Plan to have the heating equipment inspected in the fall and the cooling system tuned up in the spring. This sets the equipment up for success and ensures the manufacturer can’t claim that a malfunctioning part was due to owner neglect.
  • Maintain proof of insurance: When it comes to making a warranty claim, simply saying you have tune-ups performed regularly isn’t enough. You need to prove you’ve kept up with maintenance. Hold on to receipts and paperwork from your contractor just in case.

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