Before Buying a New Home, Have the HVAC System Inspected

Published on: June 17, 2015
Technician signing clipboard | AC Southeast®

Most lenders won’t issue a mortgage without having a home thoroughly evaluated by a licensed home inspector to protect their interests. Having a separate HVAC system inspection performed by a trusted HVAC contractor may be your best move to protect yours from unpleasant surprises regarding the cooling and heating system.

The HVAC system is the one of a home’s most expensive and complicated appliances. A home inspector may not have the tools, skills or knowledge that an HVAC contractor does, and relying on the evaluation the inspector provides could lead to unexpected repair bills in the near future.

What’s Included

HVAC contractors have equipment that helps them delve deeply into the components of the system, including electric metering devices and tools to measure air and refrigerant pressure and inspect the condition of its parts. They will also evaluate the ductwork, which affects your energy bills and indoor air quality.

An HVAC technician will look for indications that the system hasn’t received routine homeowner and professional maintenance. He or she will use a carbon monoxide (CO) detector to measure the combustion gases from a gas furnace. If the CO levels are high, the furnace may have a cracked heat exchanger, which likely requires a complete furnace replacement.

On the cooling side, an exceptionally dirty evaporator coil or an improper refrigerant level may signal excessive compressor wear, which is another indicator that a major repair may be needed sooner rather than later.

Using the Information

The results of the HVAC system inspection can help you negotiate with the seller before you sign the contract or help you negotiate the final selling price. You can also use the information to get an idea of how long the system will last in the event the equipment has no minor or major issues.

To learn more about an HVAC system inspection when you’re serious about a particular home, contact AirConditioningSoutheast.com to find a trusted HVAC contractor near you today.