How’s Your Home Insulation? 5 Myths That May Cause Problems

Published on: June 27, 2015
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Home insulation is crucial to your comfort and the efficiency of your dwelling, but do you understand why? There are a number of myths going around about insulation, and you’d be better off knowing fact from fiction.

Insulation Prevents Air Infiltration

This is partially true, but insulation has less impact on air infiltration than you might think. It’s greatest impact is preventing heat flow, or thermal transfer. Heat seeks to flow to cooler spaces, and insulation can slow this down so that in summer, less heat penetrates from the outside and less of your conditioned air escapes in the winter. Adequate insulation is important, but air sealing cracks and gaps around sill plates, electrical boxes, pipes and recessed lighting should also be done.

Insulation Is Just to Keep the Home Warm

You may think of insulation as a kind of blanket to keep cold air out, but it’s just as crucial for keeping warm air out during the hot summer months.

R-Value Doesn’t Matter

R-value is the thermal resistance value of the insulation, and it does matter. The colder the climate, the higher the R-value you need. But for insulation to be effective, seal all cracks and air leaks, as mentioned above.

Insulation Is Solely for Energy Savings

Insulation isn’t just for energy savings. It helps with sound proofing your home from the noise outside.

You Can’t Add Insulation to Old Homes Without Major Repairs

Some people allow their older homes to remain inefficient because they think they’ll have to tear out walls to add insulation. Not true. While you would have to rip out walls to install fiberglass batts, you can blow in cellulose insulation or pump in spray foam insulation, two products and methods of insulation that are designed for areas that are hard to get at.

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