A/C Maintenance Checklist Homeowners Should Expect From HVAC Contractors

Published on: July 16, 2015
Technician holding clipboard | AC Southeast®

Given the work load cooling systems experience in the southeastern U.S., it’s imperative they have regular A/C maintenance performed by a licensed professional. Those visits assure you that your system will run as efficiently and dependably as possible through the grueling cooling season.

What to Expect

The HVAC technician will clean and adjust all the parts of the system, cleaning and tightening as necessary. He or she will calibrate the thermostat, check the belts for wear and tension, and lubricate the motors.

HVAC pros use special tools and chemicals to clean the drain pan and clear the condensation drainpipe that drains the water the A/C creates. When the water can’t drain freely, it sets the stage for flooding and water damage, along with mold growth inside the air handler, on the evaporator coil and in the ductwork.

Don’t Overlook These Important Steps

Improper refrigerant levels are one of the more common issues with A/C systems, and they should be checked annually. Small leaks do occur, and when levels are lower than the manufacturer specifies, the system won’t run as efficiently and the evaporator coil may freeze. A frozen coil stresses the A/C’s compressor, which could result in an expensive part replacement.

The ductwork should be evaluated for leakage as part of regular A/C maintenance. Leaking ducts increase energy costs and degrade indoor air quality. HVAC professionals need to evaluate air pressure throughout your system and measure the airflow through the evaporator coil. Low airflow through the coil raises energy consumption and the risk of a frozen coil.

The technician can also answer any questions you have about keeping the outdoor condenser clean and let you know if you’re changing the air filter often enough. A clean air filter and condenser improve efficiency and system longevity.

For more information about what regular A/C maintenance involves and its many benefits, contact AirConditioningSouthEast.com today.