Ductless Zoning Systems: Easy to Install, Easy to Enjoy

Published on: July 8, 2015
Ductless system | AC Southeast®

In the Southeast’s sultry summers, it can be hard to keep every room of your home comfortably cool efficiently. Ductless zoning benefits you in both these areas, providing efficient, even cooling and heating year round.

Precise Temperature Control

A ductless system uses one or more indoor air handlers, typically mounted on the walls, to deliver cool or warm air directly into the rooms. Unlike ducted system air registers, air handlers can be placed exactly where you want them. With a mini split system, you can turn each air handler on or off as needed. A multi split system lets you select the temperature at each air handler. Compared to zoning with duct dampers, this flexibility gives you greater control over the temperatures in each part of your house, especially in small areas, and better humidity control.

Energy Savings

The ability to control each air handler independently lets you avoid wasting energy conditioning unused areas. The lack of ducts also helps you save. Even the most efficiently air sealed ducts leak some air. They also give the air a chance to heat up or cool off, so it’s no longer the right temperature when it reaches your rooms. Ductless air handlers deliver air at the right temperature and without leakage.

Convenient Installation

Installing a ductless system requires placing the outdoor unit and air handlers, then running the conduit line that connects them through a single, small hole in the wall.

Installing zoning in an existing duct system requires accessing the ducts to install dampers and discharge air sensors, then running wiring from the dampers to the thermostats and between the thermostats and the control panel. If you don’t already have air ducts, choosing a ductless system will save you from the days of demolition and construction that installing ducts would require.

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