3 Reasons to Cool Off With a Zoning System

Published on: August 30, 2015
Family working in kitchen | AC Southeast®

When you’re constantly busy at home and work, the last thing you want to do is worry about how efficient your air conditioner is. Make it easy on yourself and your HVAC system by dividing your Southeastern U.S. home into zones. Here’s how you can streamline your home’s air conditioning with a zoning system.

Keep a Consistent Temperature

Many standard air conditioning systems rely on a single thermostat to measure the temperature in your home. Depending on where your thermostat is located, it may not give you an accurate read on your home’s temperature, since some rooms typically retain heat or cool more easily than others. A zoning system relies on a network of programmable thermostats throughout your home, each working together to keeping its zone’s temperature consistent with the rest of your house.

Use Less Energy

While a typical standard HVAC system cools your entire home at once, a zoning air conditioning system can cool individual areas as necessary. Each thermostat is connected to a control panel, and it can trigger the dampers in your duct system to open as necessary. That means you won’t waste energy cooling areas that are already cool enough. You can even close the dampers in underutilized areas of your home in order to save additional energy.

Help Your System Live Longer

A zoning system can keep you more comfortable and save energy, but it can also help your air conditioning system enjoy a longer life. When your system doesn’t constantly have to work to cool your entire home, it will experience less wear and tear overall. This means less maintenance and repair in the short term, and a longer life in the long term. Make your investment last longer and save yourself the hassle of having to shop around for a new HVAC system with a zoning system

How many ways could your home benefit from a zoning system? Contact your local Mingledorff’s dealer to schedule a zoning consultation.