How to Control Your Comfort with a Ductless System

Published on: August 25, 2015
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If you’re struggling to stay cool inside, a ductless air conditioning system can be a great solution. Here’s how you can keep cool and control your comfort with a ductless system.

Cool Only Where Necessary

While many Georgia homeowners have central air conditioning systems, sometimes that just isn’t enough on the hottest days of the summer. Instead of overworking your air conditioner and overcooling your entire house, a ductless system can cool the busiest or most problematic areas in your home. Install a ductless system in the kitchen to combat cooking-related heat, in the bedroom to make sleep easier, or in the family room to make relaxing more comfortable. Some ductless systems like the Infinity 38GJQ/40GJ even cool multiple zones at once, so a single unit can cool the kitchen, den, and bedroom.

Enjoy Cleaner Indoor Air

Some homeowners resort to portable air conditioners or window units when they need a little extra cool. Since these units also open your windows and home to dust, dirt, and outdoor pollutants, they don’t offer much in terms of improved indoor air quality. Ductless systems like the Comfort 38/40MVC require just a small hole in the wall of your home, typically about three inches in diameter, which the technician will seal after installation. This minimal setup keeps your home from being exposed to the elements and ensures that your family breathes clean, cool air.

Keep Your Cool Constant

Leaks and broken seals in standard ducts cause central air conditioning systems to lose about one-third of the energy they generate, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You won’t have to worry about significant energy loss with a ductless system, since no ducts are necessary. You also won’t have to deal with inconsistent temperatures, since many models offer multiple fan speeds and turbo modes to make sure you’re cool even on the hottest days.

How much more cool and comfortable would your home be with a ductless air conditioning system? Contact your local Mingledorff’s professional today.