Zoned Heating and Cooling: the Latest in Controlling Home Temperature

Published on: September 23, 2015
Infinity 2025vna | Zoned Heating and Cooling | AC Southeast®

Thermostats and new HVAC systems are offering more great features than ever before. Instead of simply keeping your Jackson, South Carolina home at one consistent temperature, now you can save energy and money by zoning your heating and cooling. The latest HVAC technology separately controls each room and you can program your system to run on a certain schedule.

One Room at a Time

One of the best ways to save energy is to heat or cool only the rooms you frequently use, while keeping the temperatures in other rooms at different temperatures. With a zoned heating and cooling system, like Bryant®’s Zone Perfect Plus, you can separately control the temperature in up to eight temperature zones. In addition, each zone can be on its own seven-day schedule.

Motion Sensors

You now can get motion sensors to monitor the temperature in each room and determine when a room is occupied or not. If you don’t have a consistent enough schedule to program your thermostat for a seven-day heating or cooling regimen, motion sensors are great options because they’ll adjust rooms for you, even if you’re not there.

Even Temperatures

With older HVAC systems or window AC units, it can be hard to keep the temperature of a room consistent. Sometimes you end up with areas of the room that are too hot or too cold. Other times you never quite find that balance for the perfect temperature. With Carrier®’s Infinity System, the mechanism monitors outdoor and indoor temperatures and uses that data to run the heating and cooling, so you’re always comfortable in your home.

Zoned heating and cooling is the latest in HVAC technology and home comfort. Upgrade your thermostat or your entire system for more control than ever before. Green options are also available for a bigger reduction in your carbon footprint. Find a Carrier® or Bryant® HVAC contractor near you with AC Southeast®.