4 Tips for Controlling Pet Dander in Your HVAC System

Published on: October 14, 2015
Dog and cat friends | AC Southeast®

A Florida home full of four-legged family members makes life more enjoyable, but it also strains your HVAC system. Your furry friends shed their dander, which floats through the air, gets sucked up through your vents, and makes its way to your air ducts. To prevent this problem, follow these four strategies for controlling pet dander.

Use a High-Quality Air Filter

If you pick up the cheapest air filters at the grocery store every three months, you might not get the best results. A high-quality air filter traps more pet dander as well as other irritants, such as pollen and dust. Not only can this prevent pet dander from infiltrating your air ducts, but it also reduces asthma and allergy symptoms.

Install an Air Purifier or Cleaner

An air purifier or cleaner uses electrostatic energy, UV lamps, and other technology to further cleanse the air in your home. You can buy portable purifiers that work on single rooms or you can hire a professional to install a whole-home air purifier. The latter option offers better results and more control over your indoor air quality.

Vacuum Your Home and Vents Regularly

Create a strict cleaning schedule and stick to it. Some of the best vacuums on the market cater specifically to pet owners and have proven themselves capable of extracting more pet hair from all floor types. If you add another furry friend to your family, vacuüm more often to control the hair.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

You can also hire an HVAC professional to clean your air ducts. Pet owners need this service more often because their homes generate more debris. As pet dander builds up in your ducts, you might experience more allergy symptoms and greater tendencies toward asthma attacks.

Your home should offer a safe, comfortable sanctuary for both human and animal family members. If you reduce pet dander in the home, everyone will breathe easier. To discuss your home’s indoor air quality or to schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician, find a local contractor at on our AC Southeast® website.