4 Ways to Protect Your Pets From the Summer Heat

Published on: October 17, 2015
Dog in pool | AC Southeast®

Dogs, cats, and other pets can’t tolerate extreme heat. If you want to protect your animals during the fierce Florida summers, follow these four essential tips.

Provide Plenty of Water to Drink

Just like people, pets need water to keep them hydrated. Provide several bowls of water in your home as well as outdoors so they can quench their thirst. You can also add ice cubes to their water dishes. If your pets enjoy playing outside, consider setting up a baby pool full of cool water for them to lounge in (but only while you supervise them).

You can buy cooling mats for indoor or outdoor use. Soak them in water, then spread them on your ground for a safe and comfy place to relax. If your pets don’t seem to drink enough water, consult with your vet about adding something tasty to the water, such as clear sports drinks.

Bring Your Pets Inside

Don’t force your pets to stay outside during a heat wave. Cool interior rooms offer a refreshing break from the glare of the sun, so make sure your pets have access to the inside—especially during the heat of the day.

Run Your Air Conditioner Even When You’re Out

When you have pets, your job or other activities don’t provide an excuse to shut off the AC. Air conditioning not only keeps your pets cool, but also prevents humidity from building in your home and presenting health risks to your pets. Plus, it’s nice to come home to comfortable rooms after a long day at work.

Monitor Your Pets’ Health

Look for signs of heat stroke and distress in your pets, such as panting, lethargy, reduced appetite, and increased salivation. If you suspect your pet might be in danger, take him or her to the nearest vet clinic or animal emergency room for treatment.

Your HVAC system doesn’t just keep your human family cool and comfortable during Florida summers. It also protects your pets. If your air conditioner stops working during the summer, don’t hesitate to find a reliable contractor on AC Southeast®.