4 Natural Ways to Control Humidity in Florida

Published on: November 27, 2015
Ceiling fan | AC Southeast®

Along with mosquitoes and alligators, humidity is a constant problem in Florida. If your home feels more humid than it should, try these four natural strategies for reducing humidity and keeping your home comfortable.

Turn On Fans

Air circulation encourages moisture to evaporate in the home. If you struggle with high humidity, turn on ceiling fans and box fans in your house. Not only will you reduce humidity levels, but you will also feel cooler when you’re in the same room as the fan because the air circulation will cool your skin. If the temperatures are cool outside, you can also open windows.

Avoid Running Hot Water

Whenever possible, use cooler water and run it for shorter periods of time, such as while showering or washing dishes. When you run hot water from the tap, humidity levels in your Florida home, and it can take a while for the humidity level to return to normal after you shut off the water. When you do run hot water, use extraction vents to remove humidity more quickly.

Run Your Air Conditioner

Not only is your air conditioner effective at lowering the temperature in your home, but it can also lower humidity levels. As the AC unit pumps conditioned air into the house, it removes moisture from the air. Some AC units have dry settings that eliminate moisture without producing cold air, which may help if you want to control humidity without changing the temperature.

Move House Plants Outside

When you water your house plants, the moisture can impact the air as well as the soil. You can either move plants outdoors until humidity levels stabilize or cover the soil. A layer of gravel or rocks on top will allow moisture to reach the soil but create a barrier between moisture and the air. Plus, rocks and gravel can add visual interest to your plants.

If these strategies don’t eliminate the high humidity from your Florida home, you might want to consider more efficient options. Use AC Southeast® to find an HVAC contractor near you who can install a dehumidifier or troubleshoot your AC.