4 Safety Tips to Follow During an Air Conditioning Emergency

Published on: November 29, 2015
Technician fixing internals | AC Southeast®

When you experience an air conditioning emergency, safety comes first. Then you must address the issue so you can restore cool air to your Georgia home. In an air conditioning emergency, follow these four tips to keep your family and home safe.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

First, head to your thermostat immediately and turn the air conditioner off. You don’t want the thermostat telling your AC to turn on when you’re in the middle of an emergency. This is especially true if you hear loud noises or detect an unusual odor. Your thermostat has an “off” setting that will tell your air conditioner to shut down.

Turn Off the Breaker

Cutting off the air conditioner might resolve the safety issue, but it’s best to cut power to the AC unit entirely. Breaker boxes are usually positioned in a concealed but accessible site, such as your attic, basement, garage, or back porch. Find the breaker associated with your HVAC system and flip the switch to the “off” position. This will prevent your air conditioner from coming back on before you’re ready.

Don’t Touch Your AC’s Components

You might feel tempted to troubleshoot the problem yourself, but this can be dangerous. Your AC contains sensitive moving parts, and if you interact with them incorrectly, you could inflict serious damage. This is especially true of any component that requires you to remove a cover or fastener to access it.

Contact a Professional

The best way to cope with an air conditioning emergency is to call an HVAC technician to diagnose the issue. The sooner you bring in a professional to evaluate the problem, the sooner you will have cool air again. Make an appointment for a service visit and let the experts do their jobs.

Nobody enjoys an air conditioning emergency, but quick thinking and safe handling are the best route to a positive resolution. When you find yourself in need of emergency HVAC services, let AC Southeast® help you find a local contractor who can help.