How does Greenspeed Keep You Comfortable in Florida?

Published on: December 17, 2015
Infinity 2025vna0 Infinity with Greedspeed | AC Southeast®

Florida has unique heating and cooling needs. Most of the time it’s AC weather, but for a few months in the winter you actually need a bit of heat. Carrier®’s Greenspeed Intelligence technology combined with a heat pump is perfect for Florida residents; it runs your HVAC system efficiently all year-round so you don’t spend more than you need to on heating and cooling costs.

What is Greenspeed?

Greenspeed is one of Carrier®’s newest energy-saving innovations. It’s an intelligence system designed to adapt the running speed of your HVAC system to deliver the best results at the lowest possible energy output. Greenspeed is designed to pair with Carrier®’s Infinity heating and cooling system, specifically with a heat pump or gas furnace.

Infinity learns your preferences and your lifestyle; Greenspeed combines that information with data about the temperature outside and your HVAC system itself to determine at what capacity your HVAC system currently needs to run to keep your indoor environment comfortable. It often only needs to operate at 40-percent capacity to keep your home just the way you like it.

Why is Greenspeed Good for Florida?

Greenspeed combined with a heat pump is a great HVAC solution for Florida residents. Because the temperature in Florida rarely goes below freezing, heat pumps are popular heating and cooling systems; they both heat and cool using heat transfer technology, and work best in warm climates.

Combine the comfort of a heat pump with the intelligence of Infinity and Greenspeed, and your entire system is working to keep you cool and comfortable in summer and warm in winter. Carrier® estimates that their heat pump with Greenspeed is as much as 69 percent more effective than regular air-source heat pumps. Plus, it runs extremely quietly, so your family won’t be disturbed by the sound of it kicking on or off.

If you want to find out more about Greenspeed Intelligence or schedule an HVAC contractor for an installation, contact AC Southeast® today to find the right contractor.