What is a Bypass Humidifier?

Published on: December 20, 2015
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Georgia isn’t known for having harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean Georgia residents don’t have occasion to turn on the furnace during the coldest months of the year. However warm they keep you, furnaces also lead to dry air when they’re on, which can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for family members with respiratory problems. Combat winter’s dryness with a bypass humidifier, a clever device that feeds into your HVAC system and provides your home with moisture.

How a Bypass Humidifier Works

Bypass humidifiers, also known as whole-home bypass humidifiers, are humidifiers that connect directly to your HVAC system through your ductwork. You can only install a bypass humidifier if you have a furnace and ductwork. They’re permanent fixtures, so unlike the plug-in humidifiers you may use in the kids’ rooms in winter, bypass versions need to be hooked up to both the plumbing and electricity.

Why You Need One

Dry air in winter typically comes from the furnace; combined with the reduced humidity in the air in general, winter often leads to irritated skin, dry eyes, and coughs. Even in southern states like Georgia, where you don’t use your furnace nearly as often as people do up north, you and your family still probably experience the discomfort and mild illness associated with dry air.

A bypass humidifier is a great solution if your family is especially sensitive to changes in the air. Rather than running several humidifiers throughout the house, the bypass humidifier works automatically and pumps moist air through your ducts whenever you run the furnace. You don’t have to think about it; you just have to relax into a more comfortable home environment.

Don’t suffer through dry skin, coughing, and too much static electricity this winter. Think about installing a bypass humidifier to make your home extra comfortable when it’s cold outside. Use AC Southeast® to find the perfect Georgia contractor to answer your questions or install your bypass humidifier.