Why Choose Carrier® Hybrid Heat?

Published on: December 26, 2015
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Residents of Mississippi rarely need the full power of a furnace, but on those days when the temperature takes a nosedive, you don’t want to waste a lot of electricity just for heat. Carrier®’s Hybrid Heat is a fantastic solution for southern homeowners who need both a heat pump and a furnace, and require an energy-efficient way to switch between them.

About Hybrid Heat

Carrier®’s Hybrid Heat is a home HVAC solution which combines a heat pump (which heats in winter and cools in summer) and a furnace to give you the best energy-efficiency while meeting your home cooling and heating needs. Hybrid Heat starts with an Infinity smart thermostat, which monitors your entire HVAC system (including the temperature outside, the humidity levels, and when your air filters need to be changed) for maximum efficiency.

Infinity combines with a heat pump and furnace, and it uses both of these heating sources to give you the most energy-efficient heat in the winter. In Mississippi, a heat pump is adequate most of the time. Sometimes, though, the temperature will go below the 40 degrees a heat pump needs to be at max efficiency. Then, you want a furnace, and Hybrid Heat knows exactly when to switch between the two.

Saving Energy

A heat pump runs on electricity, and during most of the year the heat transfer technology inside the heat pump makes them extremely efficient machines. In winter, however, sometimes the air doesn’t have enough heat in it for a heat pump to be at its best, so you won’t waste lots of money forcing your heat pump to run at these times. Hybrid Heat also saves your fossil fuel usage, which is good for your carbon footprint. By only running your furnace when you really need it, you don’t spend the money or the fuel on heating power that you don’t really need.

To find out more about Hybrid Heat or hire a technician to install it in your home, use AC Southeast® today.