Adding a New Room? Consider Installing a Split HVAC System

Published on: April 20, 2016
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Your new room addition will give you plenty of extra space, but you’ll have to find a way to heat and cool that space to keep it just as comfortable as the rest of your Georgia home. Extending your HVAC ductwork to this new room is definitely an option, but there’s something much easier: a mini-split, ductless, or split HVAC system. There are several reasons why a split HVAC system might be the best option for your Georgia home’s new room addition.

When to Consider a Split HVAC System

  • If your current central HVAC unit is too small, it won’t be able to handle the added demands of your new space. If it’s at the end of its life, you will likely want to replace the entire system at some point. But if you’re not ready to do that, a ductless system offers a great alternative.
  • A room you won’t use on a regular basis won’t need constant heating or cooling. If your new addition is a guest room, it’ll be occupied only occasionally. In this scenario, you can simply turn off a split system and keep the guest room door closed when it’s not in use.
  • A room addition next to a large unconditioned area like an attic, garage, or basement may become a serious source of energy loss, with air from the extended ductwork leaking into the unconditioned space. A split system would minimize this type of energy loss.

A Ductless System Isn’t for Everyone

Many of the above factors may not apply to your new home renovation. You might prefer having one complete and centralized HVAC system. If that’s your preference, the cost of a mini-split unit may seem best applied towards the cost of extending your central air conditioning.

Weigh all your options carefully before you make a decision. AC Southeast® has many dependable contractors in your area who can help you decide if a mini-split system is a good choice for your new room.