3 Ways to Make Your Thermostat Work Harder in the Summer

Published on: May 18, 2016
Cor thermostat | AC Southeast®

Summer is just around the corner, and especially here in the South, that means we’ll all be cranking up the AC. Unfortunately, a cranked-up AC also means a cranked-up utility bill. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Proper and effective usage of a thermostat — yes, your thermostat — will ensure comfort in your home while keeping your bill from getting too hot. Here are three ways to make your thermostat work hard this summer.

Program Responsibly

In this great age of technology, thermostats are able to do great things. For example, you can program them to keep your home at a certain temperature at various periods of the day. It can be tempting to leave the AC on high while you’re away, just to make sure your home is cool when you return. However, when you’re away for hours, you’re losing money. Instead, you can program your thermostat to keep your home just a little warmer while you’re away, which will give your system a break and save money.

Zone Your Home

With proper installation and usage, thermostats can also distribute air differently in specific areas of your home. You can keep these areas (or zones) at different temperatures since you may not be using the room much. Alternatively, they can be cooled off by other means, such as an open window. Zone-specific temperatures ensure that no cool air is wasted.

Maintain a Small Outdoor-Indoor Temperature Range

The smaller the range between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside, the easier it is for your HVAC system. Enduring even a little bit of that humid, Southern heat may cause you to cringe, but raising your thermostat temperature just to the edge of your comfort zone will save you more money.

You’re now ready to spend the summer in comfort and to save money while you’re at it. If you have further questions regarding thermostats or would like a new thermostat installed, an authorized AC Southeast® dealer will be happy to assist you.