Ready for Summer? 4 Tips to Trim Your Electric Bill

Published on: May 23, 2016
Technician checks unit | AC Southeast®

When you live in Mississippi, you know two things for certain. The biggest game of the year is any game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, and in the summer, your electric bill is going up. What if you could change that and trim your electric bill even when the temperature and humidity are at all-time highs?

Take a look at these four ways to lower your electric bill this summer.

Unplug When Not In Use

You already know to turn off your electronics and appliances when you aren’t using them, but did you know they’re still using energy? If unplugging everything is too much of a hassle, use a power strip instead. Plug in your electronics to it, and turn the strip off instead of unplugging all your items.

Program Your Thermostat Better

Most of us forget to program our thermostat, and some don’t use all the features that are available. Little changes can make a big difference. Set a warmer temperature while the house is empty, another for when you get up, and another to keep you comfortable at night. Bumping up the air even a little while you’re out of the house can save you money.

Get an HVAC Inspection

The best time to have your air conditioner inspected and serviced is in the spring, but any time is a good time. We’ll make sure everything is working well, catch problems before they become expensive repairs, and clean your unit. It will run more efficiently for you and cost you less to use.

Do Your Laundry Differently

When you do your laundry, make sure to wash full loads with cold water, which means less energy needed to make hot water.

When you’re ready to schedule your HVAC maintenance, rely on an AC Southeast® authorized dealer to make sure you stay cool all summer long without breaking the bank.