Is Your Thermostat Correctly Placed?

Published on: August 16, 2016
changing thermostat | AC Southeast®

Your HVAC system has updated maintenance and is working fine, but the temperature in your Georgia home never seems to be quite right. If you’re experiencing interior temperature woes, the culprit may be a poorly placed thermostat.

It Sits Near Heat Sources

Direct sunlight, heating vents, and air from the bathroom and kitchen all provide potential heat sources that will skew your thermostat’s reading. Is your thermostat near a TV, the computer, or a gaming console? Electronics heat up easily and may send too much heat to your thermostat. Ditto with the fireplace. If your thermostat is near a fireplace or electronics that can’t be moved, you may need to relocate the thermostat.

It’s on an Exterior Wall

You may think your thermostat is placed correctly if it avoids all the typical culprits: It’s not near heat sources, it’s not near windows and doors, and it’s not in the hallway. But if avoiding all these impediments means your thermostat is placed on an exterior wall, your troubles aren’t over. Exterior walls experience more temperature fluctuations than interior walls do, which trips up the temperature sensors in your thermostat.

It’s on the Second Floor

Heat rises, which is why the second floor of your home is usually warmer than the first. This unexpected source of extra heat may mean you have to set the thermostat several degrees hotter or colder than you want it to be in your home to achieve the proper temperature on the first floor. But then the second floor will be uncomfortable because it’ll reflect the actual thermostat setting.

We’ve got some tips and tricks for placing your thermostat correctly if you’re doing it yourself. AC Southeast® is always here to help you with thermostat placement and installation. Our network of HVAC contractors in your area are here to install your thermostat perfectly the first time. Let us help you with installation and all your HVAC needs.