Why Furnace or Heat Pump Size Matters

Published on: November 14, 2016
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We live in a world where bigger is better. The larger the car engine, the better the car. The larger the TV, the better the picture. In the world of HVAC, however, bigger isn’t always better. A huge HVAC system may be as powerful as its size would make it seem, but that doesn’t make it the smart choice for your home in Savannah, Georgia. On the other hand, an undersized furnace or heat pump won’t save you more money either. Considering the size of your HVAC system when compared to the size of your home will help you maintain efficiency and comfort.

Why Furnace or Heat Pump Size Matters

The proper size of your HVAC system relates directly to the size of your home, and many other specifics about your home factored in. An efficiently sized HVAC system will keep your home comfortable without wasting excess energy. An oversized system, for example, will often heat up the home too fast and will spend most of its time in its warming up phase, which is where an HVAC system uses more energy. An undersized system won’t be as effective at keeping your home comfortable, which also decreases efficiency and may press you to turn the heat up higher than it should be, placing more strain on the system.

A system perfectly sized for the needs of the home, however, will keep your home at a constant, comfortable temperature without too much strain or too little power.

How to Know the Perfect Furnace Size

Finding the right size for your furnace or heat pump is not as simple as taking a few measurements with your measuring tape. A licensed, experienced HVAC technician can give you the perfect size for an HVAC system based on the size of your home, the climate, and the approximate load that the HVAC system will be handling. Don’t try to guess this size on your own.

Taking the time to figure out the perfect size for your furnace or heat pump will be paid back in lower utility costs and greater comfort. To find out the perfect furnace or heat pump size for your home, find a Mingledorffs contractor near you.