3 Ways to Compare HVAC Companies

Published on: December 20, 2016
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Today’s consumers love to compare — and for good reason. Comparison shopping allows you to select the best product or service provider for your needs. When you need an HVAC company to install a new system or conduct a repair in Georgia, use these three strategies to compare your local options.


While you don’t want to spend too much on a new heating unit or an air conditioner repair, you don’t want to go with an HVAC company that seems too low either. Look for a provider in the middle of the pack — not too expensive, but not cheap, either.

When you compare multiple HVAC companies, you’ll get an idea of the going rate for a product or service. You can then narrow down your options based on other criteria.


Certified HVAC technicians provide far better service than professionals with no certifications. You don’t want to hire a handyman for expert-level work because you could void your warranty. Plus, your HVAC system might incur more damage.

Additionally, look for an HVAC provider in your area that has worked with the brand of HVAC unit you want or currently use. Each manufacturer uses its own set of specifications and equipment, and you don’t want to select a technician who doesn’t know how your unit works.


Conduct a quick Google search on any HVAC company you consider. Read reviews on websites and message boards to better understand how past customers have fared with the provider. Additionally, look for the company’s Better Business Bureau, or BBB, rating. The BBB tracks customer complaints as well as resolutions.

Balanced reviews offer the most compelling information. If a review seems too negative or too positive, you might not get the whole story.

Now that you’re ready to compare HVAC companies, head to AC Southeast®’s convenient search feature. You’ll find out which local companies have certified technicians, excellent BBB ratings, financing options, and more. You’ll even learn about the brands with which each provider works.