How to Sleep Better Tonight

Published on: February 25, 2017
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Are you having trouble getting to sleep at night? If you’re struggling to get a restful sleep at the end of the day, there are several quick solutions you can try that will offer almost immediate relief from this issue. Make these easy changes in your Mississippi home for a better sleep tonight.

Adjust Your Exercise

Working out during the day will help you get rid of all your natural energy and stay in great shape. Make sure you finish your workout at least three hours before bedtime, though, or the spike in cortisol that comes from a good workout may keep you awake. The exception is a low-impact stretching exercise. A few yoga stretches before bed can help you loosen up and relax for the night.

Chill Out

Lower temperatures typically help people sleep better. Since outdoor temperatures are naturally cooler at night, the body associates a lowering temp with restful activities. If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night, adjust your thermostat by a few degrees. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it to automatically create a chillier home in the evenings.

Take a Hot Bath or Shower

Though your body gets warmer while you’re actually in the bath or shower, it naturally compensates for this by lowering your internal temperature. This means you’ll be chill and relaxed when you step out. For added stress relief in the tub, use lavender scented bath products that produce a naturally calming effect.

Make Things Darker

Darkening your sleeping space is another way to use your body’s natural rhythms to your advantage. Get as much sunlight as you can during the day, then create a dark sleeping space for extreme contrast. Avoid all forms of artificial light in bed, including the television, tablets, or smartphones.

If you suspect hot temperatures, a stuffy bedroom, or poor indoor air quality is at the root of your sleep issues, contact AC Southeast® to find a contractor near your home who can help.