Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Re-Use Disposable Filters

Published on: May 27, 2017
Air filter closeup | AC Southeast®

Have you ever wondered if you could save money by re-using your disposable HVAC filters in your Hayneville, Alabama, home? We’ve got several reasons why that’s a terrible idea. Re-using filters can damage them, cause unpleasant things to start growing in them, and detrimentally impact your IAQ. Resist the impulse, because in the long-run you won’t be saving anything.

Touching Filters May Damage Them

Air filters have delicate fibers made to catch debris as air flows through your system. Every time you handle your air filters, you risk harming those fibers. Putting it into your HVAC system once isn’t enough to hurt the filter. Pulling it out, trying to clean off the fibers, and putting it back, though? That could damage the fibers enough that they aren’t effective anymore.

Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Even if you keep the fibers intact while you try to clean the filter, disposable filters aren’t designed to come clean again. Using a vacuum may make the filter appear cleaner, but within the layers of material, particles are still trapped. After all, the filter is designed to hang onto these particles while the HVAC system is running, and filters do their jobs well. A vacuum simply isn’t enough to get it clean again.

They Aren’t Made to Get Wet

Only washable filters are made from the material that can get wet and dry again without forming mold or mildew. If you wash a disposable filter, it may remain moist for long enough to start a small mold or mildew colony. A moldy filter is the exact thing you don’t want to put in your HVAC system because mold is a major IAQ issue.

AC Southeast® gives you an easy resource for re-ordering your disposable AC filters. All you need to know is how high a MERV rating your HVAC system can handle, and the dimensions for the filters you need. Head to our search feature, where you can also find qualified HVAC contractors in your area to do system maintenance every season.