How to Avoid HVAC Scams

Published on: August 26, 2017
Family enjoying a room | AC Southeast®

Dishonest HVAC contractors are determined to scam you out of your hard-earned money, so how can a Florida homeowner protect herself? Understanding the risks associated with HVAC scams are a good start, but you need to establish a service agreement with a trustworthy company like those you’ll find through AC Southeast®.

Unexpected HVAC Offers

Unsavory HVAC technicians might cold-call your home or even stop by in person to offer a free inspection. In some cases, they might use the name of a reputable company to trick homeowners into believing they’re legitimate. If this happens to you, decline the offer immediately. You may even want to call the HVAC company directly to let them know someone is contacting customers with too-good-to-be-true service offers.

Unless you see a clearly marked pickup truck or van with the HVAC company logo, the offer is probably not legitimate. In addition, honest contractors don’t cold-call potential customers or stop by unannounced in personal vehicles.

Oversized AC Units

When it comes to air conditioners, bigger isn’t always better. A professional HVAC contractor will properly size your home for the perfect air conditioner. Anything bigger will only waste energy, be more expensive to install, and cost a whole lot more money over time. When having your AC sized, ask what type of formula the contractor uses to determine the load and size of your unit. If anyone suggests that a bigger unit provides more cooling power, hire another contractor.

The Fake-Out

A common HVAC scam is when a contractor claims to have replaced a worn part but says that the problem will clear up in a few days. In these instances, they likely didn’t replace the part at all. If they did, the results would have been immediately obvious. To avoid this scam, only hire reputable HVAC companies instead of fly-by-night contactors.

Being aware of these common HVAC scams can help you protect yourself. Contact AC Southeast® to find a trustworthy HVAC contractor in your area.