Can a Ductless System Improve IAQ?

Published on: October 26, 2017
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If you’re like most Pensacola, Florida, homeowners, you’re constantly looking for ways to boost your home’s indoor air quality while keeping your family healthy and comfortable. From humidity control to air filtration, find out how a ductless system can improve your indoor air quality.

Humidity Control

Keeping humidity under control isn’t always easy when you live in Pensacola, but ductless systems can help. The Carrier® Comfort ductless air conditioner features a dehumidification mode, which pulls excess moisture from the air to keep the humidity level within your preferred range.

Not only does humidity control help your family feel cooler and more comfortable, but this feature also improves your indoor air quality. After all, indoor pollutants like mold, mildew, and dust mites thrive in humid conditions. When your ductless system lowers the humidity level, it helps eliminate these contaminants from your home’s air supply.

Air Filtration

Ductless systems may be small and compact, but they offer superior air filtration. Most mini-split models feature multi-stage filtration, which significantly reduces the level of airborne pollutants in your home.

They’re designed to eliminate everything from pollen and pet dander to dust mites and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your home’s air supply. Whether your family suffers from seasonal and year-round allergens or you’re just looking forward to healthier air, a mini-split can offer welcome relief.

No Ductwork Issues

Most HVAC systems require ductwork to deliver conditioned air to every room in your home. While ductwork gives your heating and cooling system extra range, it can encourage dust and contaminant buildup, which eventually affects your indoor air quality.

Since mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, however, they won’t cause any of those ductwork woes. You won’t have to worry about leaky ducts distributing dust or pet dander through your home or mold growing inside the ductwork, making your family sick.

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