3 Ways to Get Cleaner Air for the New Year

Published on: December 17, 2017
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If you’re looking forward to a fresher, healthier new year, your indoor air quality is a smart place to start. Addressing the air in your Montgomery, Ala., home can offer a wide range of benefits from improved energy efficiency and cleaner surfaces to easier breathing and better health. Use smart tactics to improve your indoor air going into the new year.

Schedule Your Maintenance Tasks

Mark your calendar for essential maintenance tasks throughout the new year, so you never forget an important job. You should change your air filter every one to three months. Schedule an air conditioner tune-up in early spring before the cooling season starts, and book a maintenance visit for your furnace in early fall. Make these appointments early to ensure you don’t forget.

Test Your Air

Schedule an indoor air quality test to better diagnose the issues with which you’re dealing. You can perform carbon monoxide and radon tests on your own, but you’ll need a professional for more extensive analysis. Our technicians can give you a comprehensive profile of the issues in your air quality so you know how to best approach them. This will clue you in to the best approach, whether it’s an air purifier, ventilation system, or other tactic.

Keep VOCs Out

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a serious hazard to your health. These airborne pollutants are off-gassed by many common products including cleaning solutions, adhesives, paints, and candles. Check labels for terms such as low- or no-VOC. Opt for natural products where available. Keep houseplants around your living space to help absorb some of the VOCs that do get in so you can breathe easier.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of poor air quality, such as a dusty home and frequent respiratory issues, upgrading your HVAC system may help. Contact AC Southeast® to learn about the indoor air quality solutions available to you. We can help you analyze your problems and select an efficient installation that meets all your needs.