How to Adjust Your Vents for Ideal Air Circulation

Published on: December 19, 2017

There’s a common misconception that closing air vents around your Vidalia, Georgia, home will improve energy efficiency. While this may seem like good sense, it actually alters the pressure in your house and causes your system to work harder than necessary to push air through an unbalanced network of ducts. Boost efficiency and comfort in your home with these smart approaches instead.

Check Your Air Flow

Locate each air register in your home and follow the natural flow of air from one space to another. Does the air meet a wide-open space when it enters the room, or is it trapped by a circle of furniture? Are vents hidden beneath baskets, toys, or rugs?

Rearrange your home as needed to provide a clear path for the air to enter the room. If furniture creates a galley of any kind, make sure it channels air where you want it, and not blocking it from cold corners.

Open Air Vents

Open every air vent in the home fully. Your home’s ductwork and HVAC system were designed and calibrated for vents to remain open. When closed in a particular space, pressure increases in that area. Higher pressure levels will pull in air forcefully through other areas such as doors and windows. A more efficient approach is to leave the vents open so your home can enjoy even, steady air flow as it should.

Keep Things Clean

As you’re opening your vents, remove them and look at the back side. Clean dust or dirt that’s accumulated on the back of the air register. If you find some dirty or clogged ducts behind each register, consider whether it may be time for a duct cleaning.

If you’re still struggling to get the air flow that you’re after from your heating or air conditioning system, locate a contractor on our site at airconditioningsoutheast.com. We at AC Southeast® will help diagnose ductwork issues and other system problems to restore a steady, reliable flow of air to your home.