How Zoning for Ductless Systems Works

Published on: February 19, 2018
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When you want to achieve total control over heating and cooling in each part of your Mobile, Alabama, home, a multi-zone ductless system is a smart solution. Learn how zoning for ductless systems works and find out whether this type of system setup is ideal for your home.

Install Just One Outdoor Compressor Unit

One of the biggest perks of multi-zone ductless systems is that they only require a single compressor unit, which powers the system from outside. Since these systems are designed to work without ductwork, the AC Southeast® team can install them relatively quickly.

Divide Your Home Into Heating and Cooling Zones

Next, we’ll divide your home into multiple heating and cooling zones. While single-zone ductless systems can cool just one zone in your home, a multi-zone ductless system can support up to nine zones. Depending on the size of your home, a multi-zone system could easily heat and cool the entire thing.

The beauty of creating multiple zones is that you can assign different temperature and humidity settings to each one. If you like to keep the living room and kitchen warm and cozy but prefer your home’s sleeping areas to be a bit cooler, that’s completely within your control.

Enjoy Energy-Efficient Comfort Year Round

If you’ve been looking for a flexible, duct-free heating and cooling system that won’t drive your energy bills through the roof, a multi-zone ductless system is a great solution. Many Carrier® multi-zone ductless systems have up to 22 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings and up to 11 heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) ratings, which means they’re incredibly efficient.

Since ductless heat pumps offer both heating and cooling, you can enjoy superior comfort all year round. With indoor sound levels as low as 22 decibels, you can also look forward to pleasantly quiet operation in every season.

Want to learn more about ductless systems and design a multi-zone setup for your home? Call one of the HVAC contractors on the AC Southeast® team today.