Meaningful HVAC Mother’s Day Gifts

Published on: May 16, 2018
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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate your mother and thank her for her unconditional love and support throughout your life. Instead of giving her the traditional potted plant and taking her to brunch, why not do something more special this year? Give her an ongoing gift with an HVAC service plan. Air conditioning maintenance right before the summer heat hits will keep her comfy and cool without her having to worry about her HVAC system unexpectedly breaking down. Routine maintenance offers many advantages to ensure your mom’s heating and cooling system will serve her needs.

Provides Cleaner, Fresher Indoor Air

A maintenance gift improves the indoor air quality in your mother’s home. The air filter in a cooling system needs replaced often to reduce the number of pollutants circulating throughout a home. With an HVAC service plan, the technician will change the air filter for your mom so dust, dander, pollen, dirt and other debris is trapped effectively while her cooling system operates. By having a clean filter, the indoor air will be cleaner and improve your mother’s health. This is especially helpful if she has pets or lives in an area with a high pollen count. Air conditioning maintenance is the best solution to poor indoor air quality and whether or not your mother has allergy or respiratory issues, she’ll be pleased you are thinking about her well-being.

Creates a Healthy, Long-Lasting System

Air conditioning maintenance will keep your mother’s system clean and operating properly throughout the summer and fall. When a system is maintained on a regular basis it will perform longer; NATE-certified technicians are trained to identify signs of wear and tear on a unit. Professionals will repair or replace anything potentially causing unnecessary stress to your mother’s cooling system, which reduces the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of your mother’s system. The average cooling system lasts up to 10 years and with routine maintenance, it can last close to 15 years. Gifting your mother an HVAC service plan reduces her stress about having to replace her unit before she or her budget is ready.

Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

The gift of peace of mind is given with air conditioning maintenance plan. Routine maintenance catches signs of wear and tear on your system as well as preventing problems from escalating into something more expensive to repair. A clean and properly maintained cooling system experiences fewer unexpected breakdowns, especially when temperatures soar. Catching problems early keep repair costs low and provide security knowing a unit can withstand any temperature. Remember, neglecting to properly service an HVAC system may void the manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s worth taking the time to schedule these appointments or invest in a service plan.

Increases Performance Efficiency

By lengthening the lifespan of your and reducing the risk of breakdowns in the future, your mother’s cooling system will perform more efficiently every day. An HVAC service plan ensures a system is clean from top to bottom and throughout all the ducts, vents and returns. Even having the air filter replaced regularly helps a system perform at its best.  clean unit and a clean filter lessen the risk of obstructions to the airflow throughout the equipment and home. Cool air can be delivered evenly and your system doesn’t have to work harder to provide controlled temperatures throughout your home. Improved performance increases energy efficiency and saves your mother money on her energy bill every month.

Make your mom proud this year with an air conditioning maintenance gift. She will experience healthy indoor air, worry less about expensive repairs, and save money on her energy bill. An HVAC service plan continues to give throughout the year. Contact AC Southeast® today to locate a AC Southeast® dealer and purchase a thoughtful maintenance gift for your mother. A maintenance plan lasts longer than a pot of begonias any day!