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Hot Spots in the House? Try Ductless Air Conditioning!

Published on: June 12, 2018
Ductless Air Conditioning unit over living room couch | AC Southeast®

Older HVAC systems or homes with new additions experience issues with hot spots and inconsistent cooling. Some homeowners might consider installing window air conditioning units to cool a new space or prevent hot spots in a home. However, there is a better solution, and its name is ductless air conditioning! Discover why window air conditioners aren’t the best option and what ductless technology can do for your home.

Window AC Units Are Yesterday’s News

Older HVAC systems or a new addition might benefit from a window air conditioner. However, window units aren’t the only solution, and they bring a lot of baggage with them, such as:

  • Security Risk: Window units, especially ones installed on the ground floor of a home, increase the risk of a break-in. When you go out of town for a few days or on vacation for an extended period, the window air conditioning needs to be removed before you leave. Burglars can gain easy access to your home through the window by simply popping the air conditioner out and climbing into your home.
  • Size and Power Source: Not all window air conditioners are sized the same, which means you need to find one to properly fit your window. Window units also need a power source nearby to function. If you don’t have an electrical outlet near the window in your new addition, the window unit isn’t a viable option for cooling your new space.
  • Water Drainage: Window air conditioners drain water just like regular cooling systems, but with a window unit, it’s hard to direct where the water drains. You won’t be able to control where the excess water gathers, which might lead to water damage if it’s not regularly checked.

Check Out Ductless Air Cooling Technology

Transforming a new space in your home can be challenging but utilizing ductless air conditioning technology can improve your creation. Whether you need cooling for a new addition or your current HVAC system can’t keep up with the cooling demands in your home, ductless air conditioning offers many benefits over window air conditioning units.

  • No Ducts, No Fuss: Ductless air conditioning requires no ductwork, which means installation is easier and quicker. Most units can be installed within one day and require no construction other than a small 3-inch hole in the wall.
  • Increased Savings: Window units experience energy loss through the gaps around the windows if they aren’t properly sealed after the unit is installed. Ductless air conditioning systems keep your energy bill low by preventing energy loss. There are no ducts where leaks and gaps are common, which means you will experience greater energy-efficiency whenever the unit is operating.  
  • Improved Safety: Ductless air conditioning technology doesn’t require you to leave a window open. By connecting the outdoor and indoor unit with lines running through a 3-inch hole, no one can break into your home. When you leave your home, you can experience peace of mind and not worry about whether you removed a window air conditioner before you left.
  • Consistent Cooling: Ductless air conditioning provides cooling to areas where hot spots occur in your home without triggering your current HVAC system. It is responsible for cooling off a specific room, which means if no one is in the room, the ductless unit can remain idle. It delivers cool air only when you need it, which helps your older HVAC system rest more often.
  • Versatile and Flexible: Ductless air conditioning units are available in a variety of styles, such as floor mounts, wall mounts, and ceiling mounts. Whether you are cooling a single room or several rooms, ductless technology provides you with different options to fit with the design and décor of your home. They are compact, so you can install a new unit anywhere in your home without taking up valuable space.

Prevent cold spots and inconsistent cooling in your home with the advanced technology of ductless air conditioning. Contact AC Southeast® today to find a local HVAC provider near you. A NATE-certified technician will provide you with the best ductless options for your home and install a new unit quickly.