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Air Conditioning Need Help?

Published on: July 24, 2018
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Explore ways to assist your air conditioner during the hottest months

You depend on your air conditioning unit to keep you, your family and your home cool no matter what the temperature is outside. If you live in the southeastern United States, you probably use your cooling system most of the year.

Unfortunately, this means it doesn’t get a break very often. There’s good news! You can help your air conditioning system and improve its productivity by performing some simple tasks!

Easy Steps to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

  • Schedule routine maintenance: A tune-up or scheduled maintenance call for your air conditioning system is the best way to keep your unit operating efficiently. An HVAC technician will clean, inspect and diagnose potential problems in your air conditioning unit, which will save you money and a headache in the middle of summer.

    Cooling equipment not serviced regularly will work harder and longer to keep your home at an ideal temperature. An additional benefit to preventative maintenance is it preserves manufacturer warranties on your valuable HVAC equipment.

    For best results, schedule tune-ups of your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace twice a year. Aim for this before the peak temperatures hit and then again before the temperatures drop for the winter.
  • Draw the blinds: When the sun is streaming right into your home through your windows at the hottest part of the day, it forces your air conditioning unit to kick into gear. Your home’s temperature will spike during this time, which makes your cooling system work harder to achieve your thermostat setting.

    Pull your shades or draw the blinds to block the sun’s hot rays from entering your home. It will not only stop your rooms from overheating, it will keep the temperature reasonable without cycling your air conditioner into use.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: Adjusting your thermostat when you are asleep, home and away will allow your air conditioning system to rest at times. If you own an older thermostat, consider installing a programmable thermostat for easier use and consistent temperature control.

    With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule it to raise or lower the temperature based on your own settings. Program settings to raise the thermostat a few degrees while you sleep and when you are away from home. This gives your air conditioner a break and lets you relax in comfort when you are home.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier:  Humidity tricks you into thinking your home is warmer than it is, which forces you to turn the thermostat down to cool off. A dehumidifier will remove any excess humidity in your home and leave you feeling more comfortable without making your air conditioning unit work harder. Think of a dehumidifier as your air conditioner’s “best buddy!”
  • Protect your outdoor unit: The ideal place for your exterior unit is on the side of your house most shielded from the sun, either by trees or your home. If this isn’t an option, there are smart landscaping tricks to help you protect your outdoor unit from the heat.

    Plant shrubs or trees around your unit, just make sure they are at least two feet away to prevent damage and obstruction to your equipment. Shading your outdoor unit will allow your air conditioning system to cool off during the hottest times of the day and perform more efficiently.
  • Put your ceiling fans to work: A ceiling fan operating in your bedroom, living room or another high-traffic area will circulate air-conditioned air and make you feel cooler. It takes the cool air and pushes it around the room, creating a wind-chill effect.

    You won’t feel the need to turn the thermostat down when the ceiling fan is running, which gives your cooling system a much-needed break when you are home.

Enjoy Summer Weather and a Comfortably Air-Conditioned Home

You will enjoy your comfort indoors when your home’s air conditioning system is operating at its best. By giving your unit time to cool down, you are extending its lifespan and reducing the chances of future HVAC repairs. Find a NATE-certified technician in your area for routine maintenance by searching AC Southeast®!