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Increase Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

Published on: July 12, 2018
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July 11th was World Population Day – Let’s make the world more efficient

As the world’s population continues to grow, we are continuing to think of ways to increase efficiency and reduce the number of wasted resources in our homes. There are several ways you can increase the air conditioning efficiency in your home, which reduces your energy use without sacrificing your comfort.

There are simple things you can do on your own and others, which require an HVAC professional. Don’t worry – AC Southeast® is your number one resource! For information about air conditioning efficiency and to locate a trusted HVAC company in your area, go to AC Southeast® first.  

With so many summer activities to choose from, you depend on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool despite the temperatures outside. It’s easy to take for granted while you may not always consider what your air conditioning unit is impacting.

Tactics to Increase Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

  • Utilizing Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans are a great way to improve your air conditioning efficiency without lowering your thermostat. They create a breeze throughout a room by pushing cool air down toward the floor.

    This creates a wind-chill effect, which allows your sweat to evaporate and leaves you feeling cooler. Go a step further in your air conditioning efficiency by raising the thermostat a few degrees, and your ceiling fans will still aid in moving cold air around in a room.
  • Reducing Airflow Restrictions: Clogs in your ductwork, filter or other areas of your cooling system will decrease your air conditioning efficiency. Start by checking your air filter at least once a month and replacing or cleaning it when you notice dirt and dust building up.

    A dirty filter stops trapping debris, so more contaminants and allergens move throughout your system and home. Pollutants will accumulate inside your ductwork and cause your airflow to be compromised, which forces your air conditioner to work harder to deliver cool air around the obstructions.

    Preventing restrictions in your unit will boost air conditioning efficiency and improve the health of those living in your home.
  • Clean and Seal Your Ducts: If you suspect your ducts might be clogged, schedule duct cleaning services with a licensed HVAC contractor. Anything trapped inside your ducts could cause damage to your ducts, such as holes, gaps and bends.

    Damaged ductwork will allow precious and valuable air and energy to escape and creates uneven temperatures throughout your home. A trained professional will need to inspect your ducts to find any potential leaks and seal them to improve your air conditioning efficiency.
  • Scheduling HVAC Maintenance: The greatest way to improve your air conditioning efficiency is by scheduling maintenance with a NATE-certified technician. Maintenance ensures your cooling equipment is clean and discovers any signs of wear and tear.

    Debris forces your unit to operate harder and more often to achieve cooler temperatures in your home. AC Southeast® will help you find a qualified HVAC technician in your area so you can schedule maintenance fast.
  • Cleaning Your Exterior Unit: Summer brings about intense winds and rains, which blows debris across your yard and affects the exterior unit. Branches, leaves, twigs and other debris lands around and on your outdoor component, blocking the airflow it needs to cool off while air conditioning your home.

    Keep an eye on your outside unit and keep it clean when you notice debris preventing healthy airflow. A clean exterior component will ensure your air conditioning efficiency is high throughout the summer.

Catch Up on Maintenance for Better Air Conditioning Efficiency

Improve your air conditioning efficiency by changing your air filter, running ceiling fans and calling an HVAC professional for maintenance.

AC Southeast® will provide you with trusted heating and cooling companies in your area so you can enjoy peace of mind about your air conditioning efficiency. Call AC Southeast® to find a NATE-certified technician for maintenance or to schedule duct cleaning/sealing services.