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Blocking the Sun – The First Air Conditioning

Published on: August 21, 2018
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The Venetian Blind Was Patented on August 21, 1841

177 years ago today, John Hampton of New Orleans patented a device to change the angle of the slats on “Venetian” blinds. Although he didn’t invent air conditioning, he created a way to cool a home or business using this remarkable innovation.

People were able to control the amount of sunlight filtering in, which prevented rooms from getting too hot. Aside from blocking direct sun from entering your home, consider these other tips to improve air conditioning efficiency and give your unit a break more often.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Dry

Most people don’t realize the impact humidity has on your home and air conditioning unit. When humidity is high, it makes you feel hotter. Install a whole-home dehumidifier to work with your air conditioning unit to prevent excess moisture from entering your home. Too much moisture threatens you, your loved ones, your home, and your air conditioning system.

Humidity creates the perfect environment for mold, mildew and dust mites to grow and spread throughout your home. You will notice more allergy and asthma symptoms. Furnishings, the foundation, and other areas experience damage from mold and mildew, which can cost a fortune to repair.

Excess moisture in your air conditioning unit will cause these same allergens to accumulate inside your ductwork and on the components in your unit. Your air conditioner is designed to remove some humidity from the air before circulating it through your home.

However, when the humidity is too high, moisture escapes and allergens grow inside your air conditioning system. Not only does this impair your cooling system’s performance, it drastically reduces your indoor air quality.

By removing the humidity from your home, your air conditioner operates less often. Because it’s not overworking, your energy bill gets a rest and save you money in the future.

To find out more about how a dehumidifier will benefit your air conditioning unit, contact AC Southeast® today.

Ceiling Fans to the Rescue!

Eliminating excess moisture and creating shade inside and outside allows your air conditioning unit to take a break or run at a higher temperature.

Another great way to help lighten your air conditioner’s load is by using ceiling fans and portable fans throughout your home. Because you feel cooler from the fan’s breeze, you don’t feel compelled to lower the thermostat. This allows your cooling system to operate more efficiently.

Ceiling fans are perfect for year-round use. You can switch the rotation direction of the blades depending on the season to either keep a room cool or warm it up.

During the summer months, use your ceiling fans to push cool air around the room, creating a wind-chill effect. When cool air hits the sweat on your skin, it evaporates and leaves you feeling cooler.

If the temperature outside isn’t too hot, try running just your ceiling fans in the mornings and evenings and turn your air conditioning unit off. When the temperature starts to rise during the hottest part of the day, switch your cooling system back on.

Go one step further by installing ENERGY STAR® ceiling fans, which move air up to 20% more efficiently than standard ceiling fans.

Find a Local Air Conditioning Expert Through AC Southeast®

Help your air conditioning unit just like the “Venetian” blinds did by installing a whole-home dehumidifier and utilizing ceiling fans in your home. You will notice lower energy bills and less wear and tear on your air conditioning unit in the future. Contact AC Southeast® today to find a licensed HVAC technician in your area for installation of a new dehumidifier.