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Save Air Conditioning Costs When You Install a Ductless Unit

Published on: August 7, 2018
Technician installing ductless air conditioning | AC Southeast®

Empty Nesters, Listen Up!

Just because your kids aren’t home anymore doesn’t mean you should close vents and shut doors in unoccupied rooms. It is a myth closing off areas of a home saves air conditioning costs. It actually costs you more in the end.

Your air conditioner was installed with your home’s specific capacity in mind, which means it continues to operate to make up for the imbalanced temperatures in your home. Your air conditioning costs will increase due to more energy use and repairs on your unit due to unnecessary wear and tear.

There is a solution for balancing temperatures without increasing your air conditioning costs in the long run. Ductless technology allows you to control the temperature and humidity in a specific room, without interfering with the rest of your home’s climate.

AC Southeast® will connect you with a licensed and trusted heating and cooling company to assist you with a ductless installation. Still unsure if ductless is right for you? Consider the benefits below.

No Ductwork Necessary

Ductless air conditioners are ideal for homes where the current ductwork doesn’t reach, with newly renovated additions, or in rooms with no traffic. The name says it all basically! There is no need to run additional ductwork or tie a ductless system into your current ductwork.

You won’t need to install, move, or replace ductwork to experience controlled temperatures in a room where a ductless air conditioner is installed. A ductless unit will also cut air conditioning costs by reducing energy loss.

Traditional cooling systems experience energy loss through cracks, holes, or leaks in the ductwork. However, since no ductwork is needed, you won’t experience energy loss or higher energy bills with your ductless system.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A ductless mini-split system offers the advantage of increased energy efficiency, for both the ductless unit and your current heating and cooling system. Because a ductless unit operates independently, it only runs when you want it to.

It doesn’t cycle on and off according to the preset temperature from the main thermostat in your home. This allows the unit to save you money in air conditioning costs, since it isn’t used all the time.

Your traditional cooling system will get to take a break more often when the ductless unit is operating, which cuts down on your air conditioning costs every month.

Installation Is Fast and Easy

Another major air conditioning cost is installation. This is easier with a ductless unit. Depending on how many indoor units you connect to the outdoor unit, installation can happen the same day.

There are no additional costs for construction to add ductwork, either. You can enjoy individual temperatures in different areas of your home quickly, when a ductless unit is installed.

Quiet Operation

Typical cooling systems are designed to operate quietly, yet in areas where a window air conditioner is used, the sound is deafening. A ductless system performs quietly, so you don’t even realize it’s operating.

Whenever your kids return for a visit, you can rest easy about their comfort and know they are getting a good night’s sleep, without hearing loud noises from the ductless air conditioner in the room.

Multiple Options

Unlike window units, which take up lots of space and require a window to operate, a ductless system is compact. You can choose between installing the indoor unit on the floor, ceiling, or wall, depending on your preferences.

If you need multiple indoor units, you can mix up the types installed, too. Not every room has the same space or needs, so the choice is yours!

Cut air conditioning costs down when your kids leave home, just don’t make the mistake of closing vents! Install ductless air conditioners to assist your main air conditioner, and enjoy savings year-round.

Search AC Southeast® to find out more about ductless systems, or to locate a licensed professional in your area to install a new unit today.