Prevent Unexpected HVAC Repairs

Published on: September 4, 2018
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Have You Joined a Service Plan Yet?

Summer is a busy time for outdoor activities, parties and relaxing before the kids return to school and chaos enters your life again. It’s easy to forget to prep your heating system before the temperature drops outside. Lapsed maintenance on your furnace or heat pump increases the risk of unexpected HVAC repairs.

Worst case, you need repairs during the holidays or when the temperature is freezing. Preventative maintenance on your heating and air unit ensures your heating system is ready for the winter.

It also allows a technician to diagnose and correct any potential problems with your air conditioner.

Addressing issues now with your cooling system will ensure you don’t experience any unexpected HVAC repairs next spring when you fire up your unit for the first time. Consider investing in a preventative maintenance plan with a local heating and cooling company. Contact AC Southeast®, and we will connect you with qualified options in your area.

Check the Filter Monthly

Something you can do on your own is check the filter in your heating and cooling system. Every month, perform an inspection of your air filter or furnace filter, depending on the season. If you notice excessive dirt on your filter, it needs to be replaced.

Some models can be cleaned and reused. When a filter becomes clogged, it prevents proper airflow throughout your entire system.

Heating and cooling units depend on good airflow. The components and ductwork need to be clear of dust, dirt and debris. Compromised airflow will force your heating and cooling system to work harder.

This increases the amount of wear and tear your unit experiences in a short amount of time. Ignoring your filter will increase the risk of unexpected HVAC repairs in the future.

HVAC Tune-Ups Catch Unexpected HVAC Repairs Early

The best way to avoid HVAC repairs is to invest in a preventative maintenance plan and schedule seasonal tune-ups. Contact AC Southeast® to find a licensed and trustworthy heating and cooling company in your area. Our online database has over 200 HVAC contractors.

We will help you find the right HVAC company for you. Be sure to choose one with preventative maintenance plans. Maintenance catches minor problems before they escalate into unexpected HVAC repairs.

Between maintenance calls, you can schedule tune-ups, which allows a heating and cooling technician to inspect your equipment and diagnose potential problems. A tune-up typically consists of a multi-point inspection, which includes:

  • Air filter check and/or replace
  • Clean the coils and drain lines
  • Inspect the fan
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check for any leaks in the heat exchanger

Be Mindful of Your Thermostat Settings

An easy way to prevent unexpected HVAC repairs is to monitor your thermostat. If you notice your house isn’t reaching the ideal temperature, a faulty thermostat may be to blame.

Programmable thermostats are great options and allow you to adjust the settings according to your schedule. Program the thermostat to either raise or lower the temperature when you are asleep.

For example, during the winter set your thermostat lower by five to 10 degrees and in the summer raise it by five and 10 degrees when you’re sleeping.

Adjusting the temperature even when you are asleep allows your heating and cooling equipment to take a break. You can program settings for when you are home and away.

Master your thermostat settings and allow your HVAC unit to rest. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the inner components.

Prevent unexpected HVAC repairs when you change your filters often, control your thermostat, and schedule maintenance semi-annually. Ignore the needs of your heating and cooling system and risk expensive repairs.

Neglect may force you to buy a replacement unit before you’re ready. Contact AC Southeast® today and let us help you find a licensed heating and cooling company in your area.