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Top Ways Central Heating and Air Systems Wear Down Early

Published on: October 4, 2018
Dirty Air Filer | How Central Heating and Air Systems Wear Down Early | AC Southeast®

Are you putting more wear and tear on your system than you should?

If your central heating and air system is experiencing more stress than it should, these steps will help you reduce the burden to improve system performance. They should also cut energy consumption, reduce breakdowns and lengthen service life.

Change Your Central Heating and Air Filter Regularly

Change your furnace filter regularly. A dirty air filter prevents air from moving properly through your central heating and air system. This can lead to overheating and added stress to the blower motor and other components.

Most filters should be changed every three months – check with your filter manufacturer for their recommended filter change frequency. Consider environmental factors which may make an early change necessary, such as pets, smokers or allergy sufferers in your family.

Improve Airflow Throughout Your Home

Make sure all registers and vents are open and free of obstructions. You want air to circulate through your living areas after it’s conditioned by your central heating and air system. When vents are blocked by furniture, rugs and other items, your HVAC system doesn’t receive the airflow it needs. When it can’t function properly it places undue stress on the system. Therefore, your living areas do not receive the airflow of warm or cool air.

Maintain your Central Heating and Air System with Professional Preventative Maintenance

A maintenance tune-up by your local licensed HVAC dealer will counteract the stress your system experiences over the normal course of use so it performs better, using less energy.

Keep Equipment Clear of Obstructions

Your exterior equipment should be kept clear of stored items and no vegetation should be allowed to grow around it. Clear away all grass clippings and yard debris. The general rule is to keep shrubs or flowers two to three feet away from the unit.

Your interior furnace or air handler should also be kept clear – never store items in the area immediately surrounding your equipment. This ensures your equipment has the airflow it needs to work stress-free.

Don’t Crank Temperatures to the Extreme

It’s tempting to set your thermostat very high or very low to achieve quick heating or cooling. This actually doesn’t work for your central heating and air system – you’ll just burden it.

Use a Programmable Thermostat to Reduce the Central Heating and Air Load

Programmable thermostats can help your household cut energy use when you’re away or during periods of sleep. When you reduce the amount of time your central heating and air system operates, you’ll eliminate a great deal of system stress. This allows your equipment to rest so it can work properly when it’s time to heat or cool your home.

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