HVAC System Tips for Winter in the Southeast US

Published on: December 6, 2018
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When you winterize and prepare for cold weather, you take an important step to ensure your HVAC system will keep you warm all winter long. While our winters aren’t the coldest in the country, it is important to keep your system at its best so you’ll stay as comfortable as possible.


We do get freezing temperatures now and then, as well as the occasional snow. Below are a few easy steps to follow, in order to prepare your HVAC system for those colder months.

Change the Air Filter in your HVAC System

This may be the easiest, yet most important thing you can do to keep your HVAC system operational and efficient. Regular filter changes help the system run at its best, plus they keep the air cleaner in your home.


Quick tip: before you go to the store, take note (or a picture) of your filter so you buy the right size.


Filters can be purchased at any home improvement store and many other retailers. They are relatively inexpensive and also easy to install. Some retailers or HVAC companies offer a monthly filter delivery, to make these changes more convenient and keep your replacements on schedule.

Check Your HVAC System Registers

This is a great time of year to check and clean the registers inside your home. Dust, allergens, and other debris can get stuck in your floor registers. Clean them out to ensure your indoor air is breathable and fresh. You can simply remove the grates from the floor, and sweep or wipe them clean.


This is also a good time to make sure your registers are open, undamaged, and not blocked by furniture. For your HVAC system to operate optimally, air must be able to flow freely from each register in your home.

Winterize and Seal Drafts

Take time to check your home for any place where cold air could enter, and seal those drafts. You may just need to replace weatherstripping around a door, or ensure your fireplace flue is closed. Do not pay to heat your home only to have cold drafts constantly sneak in!

Winterize HVAC System Exterior Units

It’s good to check your exterior HVAC unit regularly for damage, debris, or plant growth. Before the winter, take a moment to make sure no leaves are stuck to the grills and no plants have invaded the system. Your entire HVAC system works more efficiently when your exterior unit is clear of debris.

Schedule Maintenance for Your HVAC System

Schedule a service appointment with a professional to winterize and check your HVAC system, repair any issues and ensure you will stay comfortable in your home all winter. AC Southeast® can help you find a professional contractor in your area.


Your trained technician will inspect your system, suggest any repairs or upgrades, and give you tips to winterize your home and keep warm this winter. Now is also a great time to ask any questions about your system, its operation or the functions of your thermostat.

Schedule your HVAC System Appointment Today

Contact AC Southeast® today to schedule an important HVAC system appointment with one of our service professionals. AC Southeast® helps you find the best technicians in your area, all with your comfort and safety in mind. Don’t wait until the cold weather is here to find out your heat doesn’t work – use us today!