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HVAC Warranty and Guarantee Basics

Published on: December 26, 2018
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When you’re ready to invest in a new HVAC system, always speak with a local HVAC contractor to learn what their guarantee and HVAC warranty practices are. A short-term warranty might be a red flag for a system with unreliable quality, while a system with a lifetime warranty may not cover everything you expect.


Don’t wait until after you have purchased your system to discover the HVAC warranty details. As you prepare to purchase an HVAC system, here are some tips and a few questions you should ask.

May I Have a Copy of the HVAC Warranty?

First things first, make sure you are familiar with the warranty. Request a hardcopy or a link to a digital version, and review the terms and conditions before you purchase your HVAC system. This will help you to know what you can expect from the manufacturer and the contractor.

What is the HVAC Warranty Term?

This describes how long the warranty will last. A good manufacturer will have a warranty with a longer duration than just a few years. If you see a lifetime HVAC warranty, check further to see what the warranty covers. You may find terms will vary for different parts of your system.

What is the Parts Warranty Term?

You will want to know if all parts in your HVAC system are covered, or only the major ones. Some warranties do not cover parts with regular maintenance requirements or wear-and-tear replacements, such as fans or belts.


Also, be sure to ask if the warranty covers parts and labor or only the parts themselves.

Do You Offer an Extended HVAC Warranty?

If you are interested in an extended HVAC warranty on your system, check to see if your contractor offers one. You will want to find out about the terms, parts terms, and cost of labor before you consider an extended warranty purchase.


Be wary if a contractor attempts to propose an extended warranty too aggressively. This could signal an issue with the product, or an unnecessary sales add-on.

What Actions Void the HVAC Warranty?

You would never want to accidentally void your HVAC warranty, so be sure to ask what the warranty identifies as void conditions. You could inadvertently void your warranty if you hire an unlicensed contractor, make repairs yourself, or fail to follow a maintenance schedule.


In addition to the manufacturer’s HVAC warranty on your HVAC system, you should determine whether your contractor offers a written warranty for their installation work.


A reputable contractor will guarantee installation work, and you should expect a 100 percent money back guarantee. If your HVAC system or anything else in your home is damaged during installation, you should know whether your contractor will cover their damages.


A conversation with your contractor about your manufacturer’s HVAC warranty and the installation guarantee will bring you peace of mind about your new HVAC system. Answers to your questions will also help to prevent any frustrations, should you need to use your warranty.


Contact AC Southeast® for help to find local, reputable HVAC contractors who represent quality brands. We’d love to answer all your warranty and installation questions!