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Install and Connect Smart Thermostats

Published on: December 11, 2018
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If you’ve purchased programmable or smart thermostats for your home, you are on your way to energy savings and comfort throughout the year. Additionally, you can access your home’s heating and cooling settings from anywhere when connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer.


In part two of our series, we cover how to install and connect smart thermostats. Installation of these devices can be fairly easy, and most manufacturers provide easy-to-follow instructions for do-it-yourself installation. Or if you prefer, turn to a trusted HVAC technician for installation of smart thermostats in your home.


If you decide to proceed with installation of your own smart thermostat, read on for some general guidelines to install your new device and connect it to Wi-Fi in your home. To avoid the possibility of damage to your home or injury to you, always follow the detailed, specific instructions provided by your thermostat’s manufacturer.

10 Easy Steps to Install Smart Thermostats

Step One: Locate your circuit breaker and turn off power to your thermostat

For your own safety, complete this step before you proceed to install your new thermostat.


Step Two: Remove the thermostat’s faceplate

These are usually easy to remove. Some require a screwdriver, while others may pop off with light pressure.


Step Three: Look at the wires and note how they are currently connected

Hint: snap a quick photo before you remove anything else. You can also label the wires or sketch a quick diagram.


Step Four: Detach the wires from your current thermostat

When you complete this step, be sure the wires do not fall back into the wall. You may want to place a plastic clip or clothespin on them, to ensure they do not slide backward while you work.


Step Five: Remove the current base plate from the wall

Be careful with this step to avoid damage to your drywall. If your new device is a different size or shape than your old one take this opportunity to repair or repaint the wall behind the thermostat.


Step Six: Attach the new base plate to the wall

Your manufacturer should provide instructions on the specifics to install the new base plate.


Step Seven: Connect the wires of the new smart thermostat

Now is the time to review the photo you took of the old wiring in step 3. Your manufacturer’s instructions should provide you with a good idea of what the new setup should look like.


Step Eight: Connect the new thermostat to the new base plate

Make sure the thermostat is flush with your wall and installed securely.


Step Nine: Restore power to your thermostat


Step Ten: Connect to your Wi-Fi

At this point, your device will likely prompt you to enter your Wi-Fi network password. You should also download and sync the app for your new device.

Installation Services

We hope these steps have given you a good overview of the work required to install new smart thermostats. Seem like too much to handle on your own?


Contact AC Southeast® to locate a professionally trained HVAC expert who can install your new smart thermostat and help you connect to your home’s Wi-Fi.


Our dealers sell Bryant and Carrier smart thermostats, and can provide full-service selection, delivery, and installation of a new smart thermostat for you. It’s an easy and effective way to save money on your energy bills!