Advantages of a High-Efficiency Furnace

Published on: January 10, 2019
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It’s common to stick with the status quo, whether it’s your cable company or deciding to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace. Most of the time, we opt to stay with what we have unless change is necessary or we learn of greater advantages to the change. Let’s review the advantages of a high-efficiency furnace. You may decide the change is best for you after all.

Cost Savings with a High-Efficiency Furnace

First and foremost, a high-efficiency furnace uses less energy, or fuel, to create heat for your home or business. A furnace’s efficiency is measured in AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.


This rating tells consumers how much of every utility dollar converts fuel to energy, or heat. It’s possible, in older homes, to find furnaces with AFUE as low as 58 to 70 percent.


A few years ago, a federal requirement of 80 percent became the norm. Now, a high-efficiency furnace provides up to 98.5 percent AFUE. An upgrade, in this case, makes a big difference in your cost of ownership.


Many HVAC contractors offer finance options. This allows you to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace right away while the lower utility expense negates the payment cost.

How to Maintain a High-Efficiency Furnace

Steps You Can Take for Optimal Performance

The easiest thing you can do to help your high-efficiency furnace perform well is to check the air filter every month and change it when it’s dirty. A clean filter catches the majority of indoor contaminants within its filtration capacity.


A clogged filter forces the furnace to work harder to push air through the system. When it works harder, it costs more to operate and your gas or electric bill goes up. Excess strain also shortens the useful life of your furnace and increases the chance of needed repairs and even breakdowns.


Professional Maintenance for a High-Efficiency Furnace

There are two areas where it’s best to call HVAC contractors to assist in your heating system maintenance.


Once a year, ideally in the fall, schedule a tune-up with a qualified HVAC contractor. For the most convenience, use AC Southeast® to locate a certified professional in your town or service area.


A tune-up includes an inspection of your entire heating system from top to bottom. This inspection identifies anything unusual, such as excess wear and tear. Your HVAC contractor will note any signs a repair is in your future.


This inspection makes it easy to catch issues while they’re still small and easily corrected. It’s best to perform this tune-up before the heating season begins for two reasons.


First, you can rest easy knowing your high-efficiency furnace is ready for the winter. Second, you’re likely to get the most flexibility in appointments. Schedules are often more flexible for HVAC contractors in the fall and the spring, before extreme temperatures.


Finally, most HVAC contractors offer preventative maintenance plans for customers. These plans often include two tune-ups each year, intended as one for a heating system and one for a cooling system.


For homes with a heat pump, tune-ups are recommended twice a year as well, because the heat pump operates all year.


Most service plans benefit customers with various perks, including discounts, waived fees, credits toward equipment replacement or extended repair hours. They offer an easy way to maintain your equipment so it operates as efficiently as possible.


This care ultimately saves you money in lower utility and extended equipment lifespan. It’s also a good idea to keep up with regular HVAC maintenance to keep your warranty intact. Sometimes, a lapse in maintenance voids warranties. Read yours to be sure.

AC Southeast® Locates High-Efficiency Furnace Experts

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