Avoid Fumbles at Your House Party – Book HVAC Service

Published on: January 29, 2019
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Whether you’re hosting the big game or a gender reveal, be sure to make HVAC service part of your party prep list. Just like you don’t want to run out of snacks or drinks, you wouldn’t want the heating or air conditioning to let you down. Still not convinced? Let’s review the benefits to HVAC service for your heating and cooling system.


HVAC Service Benefits

Regular Inspections

When you schedule routine maintenance twice a year, your heating and cooling system is inspected regularly. Why is this important? Thorough inspections by qualified HVAC contractors through AC Southeast® will reveal anything unusual.


If there is excess wear and tear, for example, your HVAC technician sees evidence. He or she can access areas of the air conditioner, furnace or heat pump a typical homeowner can’t. He or she has tools to verify the integrity of certain crucial components.


For example, if you use a gas furnace, one of the most critical components is the heat exchanger. Over time or through malfunctions, cracks may form in the heat exchanger.



This is a big safety risk. Cracks allow products of the combustion process to escape into your breathing air. Worst case, carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas produced by the combustion process builds up in your home. It makes people and pets ill and sadly, in large quantities, is lethal.


Your HVAC technician uses a telescoping camera to inspect the heat exchanger for cracks. Overall, these comprehensive inspections catch small problems before they become big emergencies.


Urgent situations usually translate into inconvenient and costly repairs or worst of all, breakdowns and replacements.


At AC Southeast®, we recommend inspections twice a year, such as prior to the heating season and prior to the cooling season. If you use an air conditioner and a furnace, an annual inspection for each is good.


If you use a heat pump, we recommend an inspection twice a year because your heat pump operates all year to both heat and cool your home or business.


HVAC Service Tune-ups

A tune-up includes inspections. It also means your HVAC technician cleans dirt, dust and grime from all the components. He or she tests all electrical switches and belts. Every action is taken to help your heating and air system work as closely to the original design as possible.


Greater Efficiency with HVAC Service

When your HVAC technician cleans and lubricates the various components, your system works as efficiently as possible. All HVAC equipment loses efficiency as it ages, so think of a tune-up as an annual physical with your doctor. The better the efficiency, the longer the system serves you. HVAC service is the easiest way to prevent a premature replacement.


Cost Savings

When your system works efficiently, it costs less to run. This saves you money every month on your utility bills. Routine HVAC service is often a requirement of warranties. Neglect of your system risks voiding your warranty.


Plus, the longer you can use your efficient system, the less you spend on repairs or replacements earlier than necessary. Think of the nacho fixin’s you’ll buy with all the money you save!


Find Experts in Heat Pumps through AC Southeast®

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