Ductless Heating Units Help Chase the Cold

Published on: January 8, 2019
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Wouldn’t it be great if there were ductless heating units like the ductless air conditioners? Guess what? There are! The majority of ductless heating units are actually ductless heat pumps, which both heat and cool your home.


They are perfect for solving many heating and cooling challenges southeastern home and business owners face. So let’s review common heating and air issues and see if ductless heating units are right for you.

Best Situations for Ductless Heating Units

Older Home Heating and Cooling Challenges

Whether you adore the character and charm of older homes or you happen to live in one, heating and cooling presents special challenges. You may have a boiler or radiant heating.


You may have areas of the home which never get to the right temperature. Or you have concerns about the expense of retrofitting a central heating and cooling system.


Newly-Finished Spaces

Many homeowners choose to finish spaces within their homes, such as sunrooms, garages, attics or basements. Sometimes tapping into an existing ducted system is complicated or cost-prohibitive.


Homes with Window Air Conditioners

If your home uses window unit air conditioners and space heaters, you would benefit from ductless heating units. Rather, a ductless heat pump performs both heating and cooling without the security concerns of a window-mounted unit.


Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Because the ductless heating units are separate from any ductwork, they do not circulate airborne pollutants like a typical central heating and cooling system. They have an air filter like regular HVAC equipment.


Check it monthly and change as needed, usually every two to three months. If you have air quality concerns due to respiratory illness such as asthma, allergies or COPD, you should consider ductless technology.   

Ductless Heating Units Solve These Challenges

Because ductless heating units operate independently of ductwork, whether existing ductwork is complex, hard to reach or expensive to connect is irrelevant. Install ductless heating units on the ceiling or wall of the room or renovated space.


Installation requires a three-inch hole to connect the interior unit to the outdoor unit. Some homes and businesses choose to only install ductless units and connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor compressor.


This option also provides zone control to the various rooms of the house or property. Some households with “empty nesters” choose to, for example, run their furnace at a lower temperature during the winter and use ductless heating units in the two to three rooms where they spend the most time. This often saves energy overall while keeping comfort intact.

Find a Pro to Install Your Ductless Heating Units

AC Southeast® wants to help you stay comfortable and save energy all year long. That’s why we connect home and business owners with local HVAC professionals throughout the southeastern United States.


We only work with trained and certified contractors who provide outstanding customer service. When you choose AC Southeast®, you are guaranteed a certified, trained professional will work with you to solve your heating and air challenges.